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goBox Smart Retail Platform

The goBox retail platform uses UTStarcom's cutting-edge information and communication technologies to help retailers improve competitiveness and transform their business to the era of ‘smart retail’.


goBox-GC810 Smart Commercial Refrigerator

A double-size automated intelligent commercial shelf/refrigerator that offers increased volume and uses both load sensors and image recognition for accurate detection of goods. The goBox-GC810 uses a wired or wireless access link to interconnect to the MMS cloud platform to benefit from advanced features including centralized monitoring and control, business analytics, loss prevention, image recognition, facial recognition and other features designed to automate the shopping and business processes and let the shop owner focus on business growth. The solution enables automated shopping service including goods identification, self-checkout and cashless payment, and can be optionally integrated with a 3rd party ERP via goBox API for even more use cases and service scenarios.


goBox-GC810 Features

  • Type: Smart commercial refrigerator
  • Size: Double-size with 8 or 10 shelves (depending on sensor type)
  • Merchandise recognition: load cell sensors, or image recognition + load cell sensors
  • Operation platform: Cloud-based MMS platform, can be optionally integrated with a 3rd party ERP via API
  • Device management: Centralized map-based goBox device management. Screen, sensors, and video control
  • Smart lock: Remotely controlled door lock. Scan QR code or face recognition to open the door
  • Replenishment APP: APP-based replenishment assistant tool
  • Video surveillance: Optional video camera, monitors the shopping process

goBox-GC810 Specifications