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We remain very committed to our investments in UiTV and aioTV.  UiTV and aioTV, early-stage companies in which UTStarcom has made significant investments, continue to flourish in the worldwide deployment of their services and new product lines.  And as the single largest investor in both companies, UTStarcom continues to benefit through their growth and the development of their businesses while also exploring ways to package their respective media services and technology with our broadband products.

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Founded in 2010, UiTV is dedicated to pioneering the transition of traditional telecom networks to advanced triple-play entertainment services providers, by delivering all-digital, high definition, intelligent, and interactive television services. 

In partnership with TOT, the largest telecom carrier in Thailand, UiTV, through its subsidiary meTV in Thailand, currently operates a multi-screen, 160 channels, nationwide IPTV service in Thailand

aioTV, Inc.

aioTV is an OTT middleware video platform for licensed and unlicensed content targeted at service providers and content owners worldwide to allow them to easily aggregate multiple sources of live, on-demand and freely available video content into a single, unified TV experience, under their brand with a consistent multi-screen UI across connected devices.

Virtual Gateway Labs

Founded in 2015, Virtual Gateway Labs (VGL) develops next generation products that allow seamless access and aggregation at the edge of the network. VGL's platforms will help fuel tomorrow’s open access network when broadband will be more than just internet, but instead will also offer a new variety of virtual services: emergency communications, interactive entertainment, home automation, smart grid, and connected sensor systems.