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Wireless Bridge Solution

An end-to-end wireless bridge solution for quick and cost-efficient expansion of wireless network coverage and capacity.


UOB5230-17D Wireless Backhaul Base Station

The UOB5230-17D is a long-distance industrial grade 802.11ac bridge AP for outdoor applications. UOB5230-17D can provide customers with stable outdoor wireless signal coverage, to ensure that customers enjoy a stable, high quality, convenient broadband services.

Thanks to support of 802.11ac standard and its advanced technologies, the UOB5230-17D provides up to 867Mbps throughput. The product incorporates a number of advanced technologies, to ensure high throughput and reliable wireless signal coverage under various application scenarios, and supports the built-in IntelliTRX technology including features such as:

  • TDMA: eliminate the performance degradation caused by hidden terminals and maximize the wireless transmission efficiency
  • Frequency (channel) expansion function: eliminate interference caused by the same frequency and adjacent frequency through more frequency selection
  • Band width selection: by adjusting the channel width, the overlapping parts of spectrum can be avoided and the influence of interference by other channels can be reduced
  • AutoAck function: intelligently calculate the ACK value required for long-distance transmission to achieve the optimal performance at this distance

The product is built to work in outdoor environment applications, and complies with the IP66 standard.

  • 802.11ac, 2x2  MIMO
  • Outdoor coverage: 5km
  • Max transmission rate: 867Mbps
  • Multiple operation modes: AP, Station, WDS AP, WDS Station
  • 802.3at PoE+
  • Flexible management
  • IP66
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