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Wireless Bridge Solution

An end-to-end wireless bridge solution for quick and cost-efficient expansion of wireless network coverage and capacity.


5230-17D Wireless Backhaul Base Station

The UOB5250-23D is a new generation of 802.11ac 2x2 bridge for outdoor applications. This product incorporates a number of industry-leading core technologies, including MIMO-OFDM, TDMA, Beamforming, AutoACK, etc. to ensure high throughput and reliable wireless signal coverage under various application scenarios.

UOB5250-23D can provide customers with stable outdoor wireless signal coverage, to ensure that customers enjoy a stable, high quality, convenient broadband services. The product is built to work in harsh environment applications, and comply with the IP67 standard. At the same time, it offers mildew prevention, corrosion protection, and lightning protection. Therefore, the product can be deployed in almost all kinds of harsh environments.

Thanks to support of 802.1ac standard and its advanced technologies, the UOB5250-23D provides up to 867Mbps throughput, point to point transmission, and anti-interference capabilities in a small form factor.

The product uses a number of advanced technologies such as TDMA, Bandwidth configuration, MIMO:

  • TDMA technology helps to solve the issues related to the hidden-node problem in the 802.11 network, improves PTMP performance and wireless bandwidth efficiency and noise immune performance;
  • MIMO improves wireless transmission rate and signal quality;
  • 20/40/80MHz bandwidth support allows users to flexibly choose the most suitable bandwidth;
  • Automatic rate adjustment can adapt to changing quality of the transmission link;
  • Flexible configuration of Wi-Fi port for WAN or LAN port.
  • 802.11ac, 2X2  MIMO
  • Transmission distance: 0~20km
  • Max transmission rate: 867Mbps
  • Multiple operation modes: AP, Station, WDS AP, WDS Station
  • PPPOE and routing modes
  • 802.3at PoE
  • Flexible management
  • IP67
Network Architecture
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