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goBox Smart Retail Platform

The goBox retail platform uses UTStarcom's cutting-edge information and communication technologies to help retailers improve competitiveness and transform their business to the era of ‘smart retail’.


goBox Smart Retail Platform Overview

Let’s face it: the online shopping has changed and continues reshaping the retail market dramatically. Yet, for many reasons, be it convenience, necessity, or pure pleasure of shopping, the need of physical stores stays very strong. In order to grow and thrive in today’s highly competitive marketplace with variety of online and offline shopping options, ‘brick-and-mortar’ retailers understand the necessity of transforming their business in order to enable innovation, offer new and optimize traditional services.

The Start Retail paradigm that relies on advanced capabilities of modern information and communication technologies offers endless opportunities to help retailer answer main questions: how to attract more customers to their stores, and how to improve efficiency of their retail business.

UTStarcom leverage its cutting-edge information and communication technologies to help retail market players improve competitiveness and transform their business to the era of ‘smart retail’.

The solution includes centralized cloud-based intelligence and operation, and local hardware-based goBox control gateway in a next generation vending machine, commercial refrigerator or a smart cabinet that enables connectivity to the cloud, and serves as a central point to integrate sensing, payment, security and value-added services like advertising.

The platform integrates various advanced technologies – cloud-based big data analytics, AI-based visual image recognition, facial recognition, highly-accurate weight sensing and more. But do not let it distract you from the main – the solution is designed to automate and streamline your retail business, attract new customers, optimize cost, and in the end – bring your business to the era of ‘smart retail’.

The solution is available as the goBox series of fully integrated ready-to-deploy smart commercial refrigerators, or as standalone goBox control gateways and smart store components that can be integrated and tailored for variety of retail use cases.


Streamlined shopping experience

Improve customers satisfaction, reduce queue, attract more customers.

Automated operation

Automated operation for cost reduction and effortless round-the-clock business.

Easy and smart replenishment

Easy and smart replenishment to minimize efforts and increase business efficiency with replenishment planning tools, alerts etc.

Flexible checkout and cashless payment

Flexible checkout and cashless payment to reduce costs and risks related to collection of cash, and enable variety of use cases through integration with ERPs via API for e-checkout (e.g. integration with a hotel/gym/club ERP based on member ID, etc.)

Smart loss prevention

Smart loss prevention with accurate sensing and multi-layer security.

Customer management

Customer management to ensure customer satisfaction and generate return business through customer profile analysis and targeted marketing campaigns.

More revenues with value-added features

Value-added features to help create new revenues, including commercial video/audio advertising.