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Timing & Synchronization

Synchronization Solution

The SyncRing product family provides an optimal integrated solution for various applications that require precise frequency, phase and time synchronization over packet-switched networks. The product family includes indoor/outdoor grand masters and a boundary clock switch. The solution components are centrally managed by the Company’s proven OMC-O NMS network management platform.



Precise, accurate and reliable time, phase and frequency synchronization is required in many cases for proper operation of telecommunications networks, as well as for a range of important applications that telecom networks serve: distributed computing, financial transactions, stocks and bonds trading, industrial networks, sensor reading, smart grid, billing, logging and many others.

In particular, accurate synchronization is a very important requirement to mobile network infrastructure, one of key enablers of efficient mobile network operation. Poor synchronization may result in handover issues, calls interruptions or drops, packets loss and user data rates degradation, while interferences and time slot misalignment will result in spectral inefficiency, poor cell edge performance and overall network capacity degradation. On the other hand, highly accurate phase/time synchronization between base stations can help operators to efficiently implement advanced inter-cell coordination techniques of LTE-A/5G including eICIC, CoMP, CA and others, which can improve QoE, mobile network performance and spectrum utilization.
While traditional solutions based on GNSS synchronization delivery with GNSS receivers at every site can provide great synchronization accuracy, its cost and complexity are becoming excessive as LTE/LTE-A/5G networks become denser and small cells deployments accelerate. In addition, small cell deployments (number of which is growing rapidly in recent years) are often associated with indoor or dense urban deployment scenarios, where signal from GNSS satellites will often be unavailable.
The SyncRing platform provides a cost effective integrated solution for generation and end-to-end delivery of timing/synchronization over packet-switched networks. The solution makes use of both IEEE1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) technologies to provide robust and highly accurate synchronization solution for various applications that require precise frequency, phase and time synchronization over packet networks. The solution enables instant implementation of accurate time and frequency delivery regardless of existing mobile backhaul network capabilities based on the distributed clustered timing architecture with multiple timing sources (grand masters) deployed closer to end applications: in lower layers of aggregation networks, at Central Office (CO) locations, Base Band Unit (BBU)/ Distributed Unit (DU) locations, or in the vicinity of clusters of small cells (e.g. shopping mall, office building).
The solution architecture includes a dedicated Grand Master (GM) that uses Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and serves as a primary source of accurate timing in every cluster, and one or several multi-port Boundary Clock (BC) switches that use PTP and SyncE for time and frequency distribution to multiple clients (cell sites, BBUs/DUs etc.) within a cluster.
The product family includes SyncRing XGM Series outdoor grand masters and SyncRing XBC Series boundary clock switches. The solution components are centrally managed by the Company’s proven OMC-O NMS network management platform.
  • Synchronization Precision: Highly accurate time, phase and frequency synchronization
  • Scalability: High-performance GM. Multiport BC Switch. Distributed clustered timing architecture with virtually unlimited number of clusters
  • Flexibility: Variety of interfaces. Outdoor GMs with optical fiber link. All-in-one Boundary Clocks with PTP/SyncE, data forwarding, PoE
  • Reliability and availability: Carrier class HW reliability. Redundant PSU (XBC510). Local GM redundancy with BMCA. Various network protection mechanisms
  • Manageability: Centralized NMS. OAM capabilities. In-band management. Smartphone app for local management and near-zero-touch installation
  • Interoperability: Standard PTP/SyncE support. Transmission based on standard MPLS-TP/Carrier Ethernet. Compatibility with NG-PTN TN700 Platforrm
  • Simplicity: GNSS time source for GM. No GNSS antennas on every base station / small cell site. Centralized management. Easy installation.
  • IEEE1588v2
  • Synchronous Ethernet
  • Best Master Clock (BMC) algorithm for PTP
  • 1 Step / 2 Step
  • Multicast / unicast communication model
  • L2 Ethernet / UDP over IP encapsulation
  • GNSS as a time reference
  • High resiliency with telecom-grade protection
  • Centralized management
Network Architecture
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