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Packet Optical Transport - UTStarcom

Converged Packet Transport

A cutting-edge networking solution that combines benefits of the advanced Segment Routing and FlexE technologies, highly accurate time synchronization, and flexible software-centric nature of SDN-based control to create an efficient future-proof platform that is able to meet requirement of the most demanding applications such as 5G providing high capacity and excellent scalability, hard and soft network slicing, extra low latency forwarding, very high synchronization accuracy and much more. The Converged Packet Transport is implemented as the SkyFlux product line coupled with SOO Station SDN Controller


SkyFlux SPN805S

SkyFlux SPN805S is a modular 5RU chassis-based platform designed for access and aggregation applications. The product supports 12 line card slots and 1+1 redundancy for major components including a switching fabric/controller and a power supply, all implemented in a small footprint chassis suitable for installation in ETSI 300mm depth racks, making it an excellent solution for 5G RAN applications. The product provides 640Gbps switching capacity and a variety of interfaces including 1GE/10GE/25GE/50GE/100GE, and 50GE/100GE FlexE NNI.

  • Segment Routing & MPLS-TP tunneling
  • FlexE/ TDM-like Ethernet
  • FlexE/ cross-connect for extra-low latency
  • Integration with SDN
  • 640Gbps capacity
  • Interfaces: GE/10GE/25GE/100GE Client, 50GE/100GE  Network
  • A variety of supported services including E-LINE/VPWS, E-LAN/VPLS, E-TREE/VPLS, IPV4/6 L3VPN, EVPN*
  • Hard and soft network slicing
  • Strong carrier-grade feature set including protection, QoS, OAM
  • Sync Ethernet & PTP 1588v2, extremely high time synchronization accuracy
  • Full hardware redundancy
  • 5RU chassis, suitable for 300mm rack installation
Network Architecture
Product Pictures
Data Sheet: SkyFlux SPN805S
Brochure: SkyFlux Converged Packet Transport