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Packet Optical Transport

Cutting-edge Packet Optical Transport Network solutions designed to provide efficient, reliable, agile network infrastructure enabling a variety of use cases and application scenarios through support of wide range of protocols, standards and interfaces coupled with highest reliability and carrier-class set of features, and enhanced through integration with SDN technology for support of advanced services, automation and improved operational efficiency.



IoT, VR, M2M, 5G... Telecommunications industry is undergoing yet another major transformation. While network operators are continuously facing ever-growing demand for traffic and challenging requirements of mobile and cloud services, they also must get ready for the emerging services and applications that bring about new requirements to network infrastructure that often are very challenging: network flexibility and service agility, very high bandwidth, huge network capacity and very high scalability, extra low latency, extremely high timing accuracy, significantly improved cost efficiency, and many others. At the same time operators have to balance their efforts to accommodate new market needs and the essential task of providing high-quality services to existing business, which may also mean support of legacy applications and telecom technologies on the same infrastructure.  

Our Packet Transport Network solutions provides network operators with an optimal tool to meet these challenges, offering efficiency and scalability of packet networks with performance, resiliency and carrier-class features expected in transport networks, further enhanced through integration with our SOO Station SDN Controller for support of advanced services, automation and improved operational efficiency.

Converged Packet Transport

A cutting-edge networking solution that combines benefits of the advanced Segment Routing and FlexE technologies, highly accurate time synchronization, and flexible software-centric nature of SDN-based control to create an efficient future-proof platform that is able to meet requirement of the most demanding applications such as 5G providing high capacity and excellent scalability, hard and soft network slicing, extra low latency forwarding, very high synchronization accuracy and much more. The Converged Packet Transport is implemented as the SkyFlux product line coupled with SOO Station SDN Controller


A highly reliable and scalable Packet Optical Transport Network solution featuring wide range of protocols, standards and interfaces up to 100GE coupled with highest reliability, SDN-based automation features, and a broad range of carrier-class features. The product line includes a complete line of network elements from access and edge to metro core high-performance devices.