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UTStarcom Expands Cooperation with a Mobile Operator in Europe and Releases a New High-Performance Access Platform

HANGZHOU, China, Jan. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UTStarcom (“UTStarcom” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ:UTSI), a global telecommunications infrastructure provider, announced today that it is expanding its cooperation with a mobile operator in Europe to supply an advanced networking platform in support of the operator’s 5G deployment requirements. In connection with the deployment, the Company also announced the release of the NetRing® TN704E metro access platform, the newest member of its SDN-enabled packet optical transport network product family. The NetRing® TN704E platform will be a key component of the mobile backhaul network expansion project with the mobile operator in Europe.

Within the scope of the project, the newly released TN704E metro access platform, along with the TN705E metro aggregation platform will be used to optimize capacity across the operator’s metro transport / backhaul network as it prepares for 5G deployment. Phase 1 deployment has already started, and the operator expects to replace the current access equipment and modernize the existing transport network. Deployment is expected to be completed within the next three years.

Dr. Zhaochen Huang, UTStarcom’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, "We are excited to expand our long-standing relationship with this strategic customer to help prepare its networks for the future. With networks experiencing unprecedented traffic growth, operators expect to handle thousands of new applications and services for millions of users. As 5G network rollouts accelerate, we are pleased to support our partners and customers by delivering state-of-the-art products built on our latest technologies to facilitate their success in the era of 5G.”

NetRing® TN704E

UTStarcom’s NetRing® TN704E is the newest high-performance product designed to help operators upgrade access domain of their packet optical networks to 10GE/100GE and efficiently address the growing need for bandwidth in metro networks. The new product delivers all the benefits of a connection-oriented MPLS-TP/CE transport network, sharing high reliability and carrier-grade feature set of our field-proven NetRing NG-PTN (Next Generation Packet Transport Network) platform. At the same time, the NetRing TN704E is built on the same hardware as the SkyFlux SPN803S, the Company’s cutting-edge Converged Packet Transport platform, and shares a number of its advanced characteristics

The NetRing TN704E complements the NG-PTN product family and extends its target application scenarios by enabling very high switching capacity and 50GE/100GE interfaces support in the access domain of metro networks. It provides an excellent solution for bandwidth-demanding applications such as 4G/5G backhaul, high-capacity traffic aggregation of wired and wireless broadband access networks, or as a cost-efficient solution at lower layers of aggregation in MAN (Metro Area Network).

UTStarcom’s Senior Vice President of Product & Technology, Mr. Steven Chen, commented, “We have a large install base of our mature and robust NG-PTN platform, which continues to serve the needs of our customers. The new NetRing TN704E adds extended capacity and high-speed interfaces in Access Domain, enabling our customers to address new applications, prepare their networks to serve rapidly growing traffic volumes, and optimize the value of their investments in the existing transport network infrastructure. In addition, unification of hardware design across our product lines helps reduce development time and cost, and enables us to deliver the latest and most advanced telecom technologies and offer competitive pricing to our customers”

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UTStarcom is committed to helping network operators offer their customers the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective communication services. UTStarcom offers high performance advanced equipment optimized for the most rapidly growing network functions, such as mobile backhaul, metro aggregation and broadband access. UTStarcom has operations and customers around the world, with a special focus on Japan and India. UTStarcom was founded in 1991 and listed its shares on the Nasdaq Market in 2000 (symbol: UTSI). For more information about UTStarcom, please visit

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