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Converged Packet Transport

A cutting-edge networking solution that combines benefits of the advanced Segment Routing and FlexE technologies, highly accurate time synchronization, and flexible software-centric nature of SDN-based control to create an efficient future-proof platform that is able to meet requirement of the most demanding applications such as 5G providing high capacity and excellent scalability, hard and soft network slicing, extra low latency forwarding, very high synchronization accuracy and much more. The Converged Packet Transport is implemented as the SkyFlux product line coupled with SOO Station SDN Controller


SkyFlux Converged Packet Transport

The SkyFlux Converged Packet Transport Platform is a next generation communications platform designed for performance, flexibility and efficiently. Combining benefits of the advanced Segment Routing and FlexE technologies with the global network view and flexible software-centric nature of SDN-based control, the SkyFlux platform enables network and service transformation through network programmability, automation, and centralized intelligence, significantly simplifying operation and reducing overall network complexity.

Making full use of Flex Ethernet (FlexE) and Segment Routing technologies, the SkyFlux platform enables efficient and reliable delivery of services in multiple scenarios including 4G/5G mobile traffic midhaul/ backhaul, metro aggregation and transport networks for CSP and enterprise applications, edge data center interconnect and many others.

Thanks to its advanced architecture, high performance and solid feature set, the platform helps service providers to easily meet challenging requirements of existing and emerging applications including rapidly growing traffic volumes, network slicing, low latency, accurate timing over packet network. A robust carrier-grade hardware platform with redundancy for major components, comprehensive OAM, management features, and tightly integrated with the SOO Station SDN controller, the SkyFlux platform ensures high system availability and minimal operational and maintenance efforts.

Centralized SDN-based network and service control of SkyFlux applies its complete knowledge of capabilities and state of the entire network to provide network automation, optimization and implement a range of intelligent features for efficient and effortless network roll-out and operation.

  • CAPACITY, PERFORMANCE AND SCALABILITY: The SkyFlux products feature full-duplex switching fabric reaching extreme switching capacity of up to 28.8Tbps. The products support high-capacity interfaces up to 400GE including Native Ethernet, FlexE DWDM and FlexE
  • EFFICIENT TUNNELING MECHANISMS: The solution implements Segment Routing technology that provides efficient and flexible packet forwarding, at the same time reducing network complexity (states only maintained at the edge of networks, no complicated distributed protocols like LDP and RSVP-TE). The solution provides support also of MPLS-TP technology for backward compatibility with NetRIng metro transport networks
  • WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES: L2 VPN (E-LINE/VPWS, E-LAN/VPLS, E-TREE/VPLS), L3 VPN (L3 VPN for IPV4, L3 VPN for IPV6), L2/L3VPN bridge, EVPN*, Point to Point Ethernet service over FlexE (CBR)
  • COMPREHENSIVE NETWORK SLICING: hard network slicing based on FlexE Group TDM multiplexing  and/or FlexE/ Cross-Connect, and soft network slicing based on Segment Routing Policies and VPN services
  • LOW-LATENCY FORWARDING based on FlexE / Cross-Connect mechanism that forwards the traffic directly between FlexE clients bypassing the switching function. This enables extra low-latency forwarding with minimum delay variation virtually independent of the frame size
  • EXCELLENT TIMING ACCURACY: The provides support of  IEEE1588v2 PTP and SyncE technologies on all interfaces, including native Ethernet and Flex Ethernet. Operating as a PTP T-BC, the SkyFlux platform products can reach accuracy up to TE<5ns
  • RESILIENCE: The SkyFlux platform supports strong hardware redundancy with hot-swappable components to ensure uninterrupted device operation. High service availability and minimal service disruptions on sub-50ms level are ensured through use of OAM-based failure detection and various protection mechanisms that work on different levels: FlexE, SR, MPLS-TP, PW, L3VPN
  • OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY: Centralized control and network operation via the Integrated Control and Management platform SOO Station, SDN-based automation, zero-touch provisioning, strong OAM features – all of it adds up into a comprehensive yet simple network and service control resulting in reduced efforts, costs, and time of network deployment, operation, and service provisioning
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Brochure: SkyFlux: Converged Packet Transport