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Disaggregated Router Platform

The SkyFlux UAR Disaggregated Router platform applies the network disaggregation concept onto carrier-grade modular redundant router platforms optimized for telecommunications networks, resulting in an open, flexible, and future-proof solution that is able to meet the requirements of telecom applications including 5G backhaul/midhaul, broadband aggregation, metro access and aggregation networks.


SkyFlux UAR Disaggregated Router Platform

The SkyFlux UAR Disaggregated Router platform combines the strengths, flexibility, and TCO benefits of modular chassis-based hardware platforms with all the advantages of the software-centric network disaggregation paradigm into an efficient and flexible solution ready to seamlessly integrate into operators’ networks and to support their business targets.

The SkyFlux UAR solution integrates advanced disaggregated hardware, robust NOS, and SDN-based control and management that collectively form a seamless, manageable, and programmable network solution that enables efficient network deployment and operation, end-to-end service provisioning and orchestration, network and service protection, enhanced network visibility, network and service automation. With its strong feature set, high performance, and excellent node and network scalability, the solution can be adopted for a variety of applications.

Key Components:

  • Disaggregated Hardware Platform – UTStarcom’s SkyFlux UAR carrier-grade modular redundant chassis-based platform, or 3rd party White-box Switch/Router
  • Network Operating System – UTStarcom’s SkyFlux NOS, or Open-source NOS SONiC, 3rd party NOS
  • SDN Controller – UTStarcom’s SOO Station ODL-based SDN Controller, or 3rd party SDN controllers
Network Disaggregation

Network disaggregation is the decoupling of various functions of telecommunication networks into independent functional elements while ensuring their interworking over standard open interfaces. Practically, for networking equipment (e.g. for routers or switches) it often means migration from traditional monolithic networking devices to open disaggregated solutions by decoupling hardware and software (and/or their elements), as well as decoupling of certain functions such as data, control, and management planes.

Disaggregation in telecommunication networks becomes an increasingly important technology with its potential to reduce CAPEX and OPEX, while driving innovation and enabling the support of a variety of requirements in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

The network disaggregation concept brings the potential to achieve a solid list of benefits for a telecommunication network operator:

  • An open and competitive ecosystem that speeds up evolution and drives prices down
  • A software-centric nature that enables faster innovation and supports the flexibility to quickly adopt functionality needed by network operators
  • Eliminates vendor lock-in through the rich ecosystem of compatible components, both commercial and open-source
  • Provides a variety of hardware and software options from which to select, enabling the integration of best-of-breed platforms, products, and components
  • Promotes an active role for a network operator in the product life cycle
  • Offers the potential for cost reduction of network infrastructure
  • A unique combination of advanced carrier-grade chassis-based redundant hardware platforms with all the benefits of the disaggregation paradigm
  • Telco-focused hardware design featuring the Broadcom DNX chip, multi-core x86 CPU, hardware support for high-accuracy PTP/SyncE, Segment Routing, MPLS, FlexE, redundancy, a variety of interfaces, modular chassis flexibility and scalability
  • Choice of UT’s own SkyFlux NOS (Network Operating System) or third party NOS platforms. Packaged with hardware drivers for the porting of a third party NOS and pre-loaded with Open Network Install Environment (ONIE)
  • Flexibility to meet all integration scenarios: a complete solution with UT’s carrier-grade HW, NOS, and SDN controller, or open integration with third party components
  • Customization of hardware and software platforms to meet operators’ requirements
Network Architecture

With its carrier-grade design, strong feature set, high performance, and excellent node and network scalability, the solution can be adopted for a variety of applications:

  • 4G/5G mobile midhaul/backhaul transport network
  • Cell-side router
  • High-capacity broadband aggregation network
  • Metro access & aggregation packet network
Solution Brochure: SkyFlux UAR Disaggregated Router