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Live Demo: Network Evolution 2018

5G, IoT, M2M, VR ...
Telecommunications industry is once again on the verge of yet another major transformation. While network operators are continuously facing ever-growing demand for traffic and challenging requirements of mobile and cloud services, they also must get ready for the emerging services and applications that bring about new (and sometimes unseen) requirements to network infrastructure: network flexibility and service agility; very high bandwidth, network capacity and huge scalability; extra low latency; extremely high timing accuracy; significantly improved cost efficiency, and many others.

In this Network Evolution 2018 live demo, we will presents and demonstrate some of our latest cutting-edge technologies designed to enable network transformation and to help operators meet challenges of hyperconnected era. 


Network Evolution with SRv6

Test cases:
1-1. L3VPN over SRv6 network
1-2. SRv6 data plane: SRH, network programming / TE
1-3. TI-LFA protection
1-4. SRv6 from a host


Test cases:
2-1. NETCONF/YANG for service setup
2-2. Path Calcultion Engine (PCE) demo

5G-ready synchronization

Test cases:
3-1. GNSS-based GM with PTP and SyncE: accuracy measurement
3-2. Holdover operation demonstration
3-3. Protection based on BMCA 
3-4. Management features


The Shibakoen Front Tower Tokyo

18F Shibakoen Front Tower, 2-6-3 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011 /TEL: 03-6430-8600/FAX: 03-6430-8599

By train:
10-minute walk from the JR/Tokyo Monorail Hamamatsucho Station. 6-minute walk from the Daimon Station (A6) of Toei Subway Asakusa Line or Oedo Line. 1-minute walk from Shibakoen Station (A5).

By car:
4 km (10 min. on average) from Tokyo Station. 16 km (15 min. on average) from Haneda Airport via Shibakoen Ramp of the Metropolitan Expressway. 15 min. (on average) from Tokyo City Air Terminal (Hakozaki). 120 min. (on average) from Narita Airport via the Higashikanto Expressway, Keiyo Road, and Metropolitan Expressway Shibakoen Exit.


If you are interested in participation in the demo, please contact our team: