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Transport SDN

A unique combination of our packet optical transport and broadband access products with our innovative SDN platform SOO Network to offer an unprecedented automation and flexibility with improved bandwidth efficiency and strong carrier-grade features.


SOO Station

At the heart of SDN/NFV-enabled packet optical transport network, a distributed hierarchical SDN Controller provides a reliable solution for orchestration of abstracted underlying network resources, and management of open APIs for vertical integration of applications, and includes 2 major components: 

Central Controller performs automated network-wide bandwidth management, routing, policing, access control and other functions based on its global network picture, and interfaces with external  applications.

 Sub Controller interfaces with a group of network elements at Metro access & aggregation level including PTN, GPON, WiFi, etc., and exchanges control commands and other data with underlying network infrastructure within its management domain.

  • Network Function Virtualization
  • Orchestration of virtualized network
  • End-to-end service provisioning and management
  • Path management and path computing 
  • Bandwidth management
  • SLA, Policy and QoS management
  • Resource Management including resource discovery
  • Multi-layer network visualization
  • Open APIs for vertical integration of applications 
  • Protocol adapter 
  • Multi-vendor network infrastructure support 
Network Architecture
Brochure: SOO Station
Brochure: SOO Network
Brochure: SDN Enabled Network Infrastructure