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对分组光传送和宽带接入产品的独特整合,结合创新的SDN平台—SOO Network,可提供前所未有的自动化和灵活性,以增加带宽利用率和强大的电信级功能。


SOO Station

At the heart of SDN/NFV-enabled packet optical transport network, a distributed hierarchical SDN Controller provides a reliable solution for orchestration of abstracted underlying network resources, and management of open APIs for vertical integration of applications, and includes 2 major components: 

Central Controller performs automated network-wide bandwidth management, routing, policing, access control and other functions based on its global network picture, and interfaces with external  applications.

 Sub Controller interfaces with a group of network elements at Metro access & aggregation level including PTN, GPON, WiFi, etc., and exchanges control commands and other data with underlying network infrastructure within its management domain.

  • Network Function Virtualization
  • Orchestration of virtualized network
  • End-to-end service provisioning and management
  • Path management and path computing 
  • Bandwidth management
  • SLA, Policy and QoS management
  • Resource Management including resource discovery
  • Multi-layer network visualization
  • Open APIs for vertical integration of applications 
  • Protocol adapter 
  • Multi-vendor network infrastructure support 
Network Architecture
Brochure: SOO Station
Brochure: SOO Network
Brochure: SDN Enabled Network Infrastructure