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UTStarcom Showcases Cutting-Edge Technologies in Live Demonstration

HONG KONG, July 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UTStarcom (“UT” or “the Company”) (NASDAQ:UTSI), a global telecommunications infrastructure provider, announced that it showcased a number of its cutting-edge technologies in the “Network Evolution 2018 – Live Demo” event on July 19-20 in UTStarcom’s Japan facility in Tokyo.  These technologies enable networks to evolve to support 5G, IoT (“Internet of Things”) and M2M (”Machine-to-Machine”).  Some of UT’s existing, new and potential customers as well as strategic partners attended the event.

UT demonstrated its latest cutting-edge technologies designed to enable network transformation and to help operators meet the challenges of a hyper-connected era.  Specifically, the Company focused on several areas of interest: SRv6, SDN, and Synchronization.  Key highlights include:

  • Segment Routing technology is a breakthrough networking technology, offering great scalability and flexibility, while simultaneously simplifying networks.  Segment Routing based on IPv6 data plane (SRv6) additionally enables programmability, turning the network into a programmable environment optimized for integration with SDN.  The Segment Routing demonstration is based on UT’s newest SkyFlux UAR500 routers and covers L3VPN service provisioning over an SRv6 network, TI-LFA protection and the “SRv6 from a host” use case
  • SDN technology separates the network control and data forwarding planes establishing a centralized control architecture. The UT’s SOO Station SDN controller equipped with its global network view and software-based architecture enables intelligent path calculation, network-wide resource optimization and various automation features.  The SOO Station uses the NETCONF/YANG interface to interact with SkyFlux series of the SRv6 routers
  • Accurate synchronization provided over packet networks is an important element of the transport infrastructure, enabling immensely popular 4G networks.  Moving to LTE-A, LTE-A Pro and emerging 5G, timing accuracy becomes more critical and requires a new engineering approach.  UT’s products, specifically its SyncRing product, meet this need with improved clock source accuracy and a new clustered distributed architecture

The telecommunications industry is on the verge of another major transformation. While network operators are facing ever-growing demand for traffic and challenging requirements for mobile and cloud services, it is imperative that operators prepare for the emerging services and applications that necessitate new requirements for network infrastructure, including network flexibility and service agility; high bandwidth, network capacity and scalability; extra low latency; extremely high timing accuracy; and higher cost efficiency. 

Mr. Tim Ti, UTStarcom's Chief Executive Officer, commented, “This live demonstration event marked a great success for UTStarcom.  A number of our customers attended multiple demo sessions and each of the sessions of the 2-day event was fully booked.  More importantly, we are very excited to receive encouraging and positive feedback from customers and partners.  They greatly appreciated that we demonstrated clearly the new and advanced capabilities of our technical solutions.”

Mr. Ti continued, “This event represented a key showcase opportunity for us.  Events like this allowed our skilled team of engineering and sales people to meet our customers, confirm and align our technological capabilities with their needs. Prospective customers also got a hands-on experience with our cutting-edge technologies.  The live demonstration effectively positions UTStarcom as a leading force in the evolution of networking technologies, particularly in SRv6 and clock synchronization.”

About UTStarcom Holdings Corp.

UTStarcom is a global telecom infrastructure provider dedicated to developing technology that will serve the rapidly growing demand for bandwidth from cloud-based services, mobile, streaming, and other applications.  We work with carriers globally, from Asia to the Americas, to meet this demand through a range of innovative broadband packet optical transport and wireless/fixed-line access products and solutions.  The Company’s end-to-end broadband product portfolio, enhanced through in-house Software Defined Networking (SDN)-based orchestration, enables mobile and fixed-line network operators and enterprises worldwide to build highly efficient and resilient future-proof networks for a range of applications, including mobile backhaul, metro aggregation, broadband access and Wi-Fi data offload.  Our strategic investments in media operational support service providers expand UTStarcom’s capabilities in the field of next generation video platforms.  UTStarcom was founded in 1991, started trading on NASDAQ in 2000, and has operating entities in Hong Kong; Tokyo, Japan; San Jose, USA; Delhi and Bangalore, India; Hangzhou and China.  For more information about UTStarcom, please visit

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