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UTStarcom Unveils New SyncRing Product at ITSF 2018

HONG KONG, Nov. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UTStarcom (“UT” or “the Company”) (NASDAQ:UTSI), a global telecommunications infrastructure provider, today introduced the SyncRing XGM30, the latest product offering in its SyncRing family of network synchronization equipment.  The XGM30 was showcased at the International Timing & Sync Forum (ITSF) in Bucharest, Romania.  ITSF is the largest specialist time and sync conference in the world, covering a number of emerging applications across various industry sectors including telecommunication, finance, energy, transport, broadcast and defense.

Designed as a robust IP65-compliant compact outdoor device, the XGM30 uses the GNSS satellite signal as a primary time reference.  It supports PTP IEEE 1588-2008 (1588V2) and SyncE technologies to deliver highly accurate frequency and time synchronization.  The XGM30 supports various installation scenarios and has several advanced features including:

  • Concurrent multi-GNSS multi-channel reception for highly improved timing accuracy and availability
  • Extra-high-precision double-oven OCXO
  • Two optical Ethernet ports, performance monitoring and comprehensive management features including centralized network management and mobile application support for local management

Similar to other members of the SyncRing family, the SyncRing XGM30 provides an excellent integrated solution for various applications that require precise synchronization of frequency, phase and time over packet-based networks.  The XGM30 enables mobile network operators to cost-effectively meet the stringent time synchronization requirements of LTE/LTE-A and 5G networks.

In addition to the XGM30 introduction, UTStarcom utilized the ITSF conference to highlight its position as an industry leader in synchronization products.  ITSF is an ideal forum for UT to build recognition of its technical leadership.  Highlighting the key theme “Time as a key enabler for SMART infrastructures”, the four-day event features expert keynote speakers across different sectors and represents an opportunity for network operators, standards organizations, end users and vendors to discuss future requirements, challenges and solutions.

Notably, the Company delivered a keynote address, “Sync over Packet for the 5G Era.”  UT’s Senior Marketing Manager, Mr. Sergiy Bityukov discussed the challenges related to the cost-effectiveness of highly accurate synchronization in mobile networks and outlined a strategy to achieve accuracy in meeting the technical requirements of 4G and 5G networks based on the clustered distributed timing architecture.

Mr. Tim Ti, UTStarcom's Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We are excited to participate in ITSF 2018, where we can share insights with experts and key members of the entire value chain on the latest trends and future requirements in their respective sectors.  Furthermore, we are thrilled to introduce our SyncRing XGM30 product.  This product launch marks a key milestone in our strategy to focus on the evolution of network infrastructure towards 5G.  The 5G network highly advanced in terms of network and user throughput, latency, availability, capacity and energy efficiency.  The industry is actively preparing for 5G migration and we are excited to be a leading force in this evolution.”

UTStarcom develops advanced product solutions for its customers designed to optimize their telecom infrastructure for 5G networks and various challenging applications including Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X), autonomous driving, augmented reality (AR), etc..  UTStarcom's latest product portfolio includes SkyFlux routing platform based on the Segment Routing technology, SOO Station centralized SDN controller as well as the SyncRing solution, which implements the clustered distributed timing architecture and enables highly accurate timing delivery over packet networks.

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UTStarcom is committed to helping network operators offer their customers the most innovative, reliable, and cost-effective communication services.  UTStarcom offers high performance advanced equipment optimized for the most rapidly growing network functions, such as mobile backhaul, metro aggregation and broadband access.  UTStarcom is further leveraging its technology expertise to bring smart networked products to new applications, such as its goBox automated refrigerated dispenser for retail stores.  UTStarcom has operating entities in Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo (Japan), San Jose (USA), New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata (India), Hangzhou and Chengdu (China).  UTStarcom was founded in 1991 and listed its shares on the Nasdaq Market in 2000 (symbol: UTSI).  For more information about UTStarcom, please visit

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